Requiring qt-copy ?

Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at
Fri Jan 27 18:37:40 GMT 2006

[ Thiago Macieira ]
> [ Cornelius Schumacher ]
> Which means every KDE LSB-compliant application or every KDE LSB-compliant
> installable module should contain its own, private copy of kdelibs.
> I don't think you can even share it among modules.

Exactly. An application can only be LSB-compliant by staticly linking all 
libraries that are not part of LSB.

Installing dynamically shared libraries could otherwise lead to conflicts if 
other versions of the same library are already present.

For KDE the LSB Desktop module is currently not too important. We just need to 
ensure that it is possible (and easy) to create an LSB-compliant system that 
can also run KDE (e.g. not dropping support for the compiler required by the 

In the long term perspective, we should mainly try to push other libraries 
that we depend on into the LSB Desktop module (freedesktop, etc), and 
eventually even kdelibs once KDE4 has sufficiently matured.


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