kdevelop (Re: Proposal to plan for "Milestone Releases" on the way to KDE4)

Jonas Bähr jonas.baehr at web.de
Thu Jan 26 21:29:02 GMT 2006

Am 26.01.2006 um 11:59 schrieb Jakob Petsovits:
> Apart from that, when I use Kate instead of KDevelop it is because  
> of project
> management overhead. KDevelop needs a "pseudo build manager" plugin  
> that
> doesn't build or manage anything but just combines editing features  
> from Kate
> with code completion, Apidox, class wizard etc. features from  
> KDevelop.

+3 on that!

For Krusader(.org) we have a kdevelop-project-file but when I only  
want to make little changes I use Krusader. Like some others already  
said (regarding mc): just hit F4, edit (Krusader uses the katepart)  
what you want, hit Esc and your back at your files. F2 opens a  
Konsole from the current directory for the compiling and the  
switching works great with the window-manager (Alt-Tab).
The shortcut-trap problem with the internal KonsolePart someone  
mentioned for KDevelop is present in Krusader too. Maybe one could  
tweak KonsolePart to forward some key-sequences to the parent...
For more complex stuff we have useractions (KActions with user- 
scripts) with shortcuts.
ie. for sed: one keystroke and I get a lineedit for the sed-script.  
<return> and it's executed on every selected file. (select all *.h  
and *.cpp is also only one keystroke away)

What I don't like in KDevelop is the way it formates the  
Makefile.am's. When working with several people and CVS it's much  
easyier to find the changes or merge two versions when there is only  
one sourcefile per line. But KDevelop changes it allwas to five or  
six files per line...
The project-file is also a problem when working with several people  
on the same project. Settings like "hide non-project files" in the  
project-dir should really go to the per user session-settings... In  
my eyes the project-file should be as minimal as possible. It would  
be perfect if it could only contain the path to the top-level  
Makefile.am. Currently I most allway exclude it from my commits  
because of this personal settings mess.

Anyway, here comes the stuff that I like and why I use it most of the  
- Ctrl-Space -> autocomplete (with Qt and KDE enabled in the project- 
- Ctrl-(shift)-D to (un-)comment
- one click and the app is compiles and executed - very handy for  
- Ctrl-Shift-S to generate a doxygen template for the current function
- one click on the error in the build-log takes me to the place in  
the sourcefile

nice to have: create member/access-function not in a file but in the  
clipboard to that one can insert it where ever I want


Try Krusader
Twin-panel filemanager for KDE http://krusader.org/

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