kdevelop (Re: Proposal to plan for "Milestone Releases" on the way to KDE4)

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Thu Jan 26 20:18:29 GMT 2006

In continuation to what I wrote to Carsten.

On Thursday 26 January 2006 21:27, David Faure wrote:
> In addition to what Carsten Niehaus described [which is for vim, but
> most of that was inspired by kde-emacs anyway, so it's the same
> features; )],
> agulbra-make-member: after writing the declaration for a method in a
> .h file, press a key and you get a skeleton implementation in the
> .cpp file, with default values removed, virtual removed, etc. etc.

Shouldn't be hard to do, after all it does already when you create a new 
method with the GUI (I admit I rarely do it).

> multi-file grep (someone said it doesn't work in xemacs? I just press
> F2... needs the "igrep" package)
You mean searching the string in many files? CTRL-ALT-F.

> jump-to-next-error after compiling

> one-key for "make", but another key for "make thisfile.lo"
F8 and F7, altough F7 might not do exactly what you want.

> one key for switching between .h and .cpp, but another one for
> actually switching to the same method in the other file
Currently the only solution is the second one (SHIFT-F12).

> the emacs stuff also does some auto code formatting, like inserting a
> space after I type '(' etc.
KDevelop has something similar as well, but I never used it as I don't 
like spaces around parentheses.

> But there are also things coming from the kdab setup (available on
> the kdab website iirc), like - templates (e.g. for new qt class, for
> all sorts of iterator-based loops, etc.) 

It is possible. It is called Abbreviations (Settings->Configure KDevelop 
and you will see).

> - wide-edit (do a multi-file 
> grep, and then the buffer with the results is *editable*. When saving
> that buffer, the changes are propagated back to those files. This is
> really a time-saving feature for

This is certainly not possible.


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