Proposal to plan for "Milestone Releases" on the way to KDE4

Alexander Dymo adymo at
Thu Jan 26 20:20:37 GMT 2006

On Thursday 26 January 2006 04:35, Michael Pyne wrote:
> It was (and still is) cool for quickly starting new projects.  But a lot of
> the features didn't live up to their promise when I tried it.  For example,
> the API auto-completion didn't really work at all when I tried.  The
> documentation browser was a good idea, but had too much documentation (if
> that makes any sense).  I don't need all the G* and Java references when
> writing a Qt app. ;)  So I just used Konqueror in that case.
Well, you can always configure KDevAssistant to show only what you want.
Does it really faster to find a documentation for a KDE class in Konqueror?
What about class methods?

> One thing that KDevelop has going for it is that the Kate guys know how to
> write a syntax highlighting engine.  It is consistently better than vim's,
> especially with my kdesvn-build Perl script.  But then, that helps
> everything that uses KWrite, not just KDevelop.  I'm afraid that pretty
> soon Kate may really be the KDE developer's preferred graphical IDE, and
> KWrite will be the simple text editor.  
I think at some point Kate developers will stop adding IDE features because
kate simply become an another IDE then ;)
But of course I don't know kate developers' plans :)

> No offense to Anders on that, it's 
> just that I still want to be able to be more productive with KDevelop.  It
> just doesn't seem to work out that way.
That's exactly the goal I'd like to be accomplished - productiveness.

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