invitation: try compiling kdelibs using cmake

William A. Hoffman billlist at
Thu Jan 26 03:29:13 GMT 2006

In addition to building kde with CMake, we have set up a KDE dashboard
at Kitware.   You can look at the most recent results here:

(note some of the warnings are incorrectly being reported as errors,
it is building with no warnings but with a few errors.)

I am going to set up a Nightly build on a debian machine here.  Also,
I will set up a continuos build for KDE.  A continuous build runs each
time a new file is checked into svn.  It has the ability to send email if
the build does not work, (i.e. someone broke the build with a commit).
Who should I put on the list of people that should get that email?
Should I put  kde-buildsystem at on the list?  

If you are interested and willing to run builds on your machine, let
me know, and I can help you set it up.  Basically, you set up a cron
job that builds the project from scratch each night.  If you want to try
an experimental build, just do this:

mkdir kdelibs-build
cd kdelibs-build
cmake ../kdelibs
make Experimental

Then click the rollup button on the dashboard, and refresh.

If you want to read more you can go here:

Also, for other dashboards you can go here to get an idea
of the type of coverage you can have for a project:


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