Proposal to plan for "Milestone Releases" on the way to KDE4

Gary Greene greeneg at
Wed Jan 25 21:10:26 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 25 January 2006 4:11 pm, Adam Treat wrote:
> On Wednesday 25 January 2006 4:10 pm, Richard Dale wrote:
> > On Tuesday 24 January 2006 22:25, Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
> > >   * Do you intend to switch your activities to directly contribute
> > >     to KDE4/kdelibs/core technologies development, and leave your
> > >     app resting for the time being? (Sure, this would be *great*
> > >     because the current group busy already in KDE4 porting feel
> > >     they can use many more heads and brains. But I've also heard
> > >     some of you just do not like it, or don't feel competent in
> > >     that field...)
> >
> > I don't work on apps and I don't work on kdelibs/core stuff either. I
> > work on RAD environments - ie language bindings plus support for non-C++
> > languages in KDevelop. So where does that sort of thing fit in with this
> > scheme. I'm working on C# bindings for Qt/KDE/Mono integration at the
> > moment, and I'd like to put them in kdebindings and release as a later
> > version of KDE 3.5 like 3.5.3 or so, but not built by default at first.
> > At the same time I think Ruby and C# bindings for Qt4 might be popular,
> > so I need to work on them too. Obviously there isn't much point in
> > wrapping the KDE 4 apis with bindings until they've settled down and been
> > proven to work as a C++ api.
> Personally, I think kdebindings should all be targetting Qt4 at this point
> and eventually KDE4 when it is stable enough.  Any bindings for the 3.x
> series are outdated by Qt4.  When application developers are beginning to
> make the switch to the new libraries, I wonder at the need for efforts
> based on older libraries.
> > Work on Core libs is a subset of
> > producing a development framework, and adding C++ support to KDevelop for
> > KDE development should be given a higher priority in the project than it
> > has now (I don't know how to make that happen). Then for custom internal
> > application development we need Python, Ruby, Java, C# RAD development
> > tools like IDE's and visual UI builders because only a small minority of
> > programmers will ever be interested in writing custom apps in C++.
> Absolutely in agreement.
> > At the moment there is very little work going into the next release of
> > KDevelop 3.4 due in a few months, when it really should be seen as a
> > flagship app and marketed up there with Plasma and so on. Why aren't we
> > adding great support for Qt4 and KDE4 development into KDevelop 3.x, like
> > Qt4 Qt Designer integration?
> Because KDevelop suffers from a terrible problem.  None of us have made
> KDevelop our priority app.  Most of the KDevelop developers work on other
> things or have other things/priorities going on.  It is not a good
> situation. And I agree, KDevelop and our KDE development tools do not get
> nearly as much attention as they require.  These apps and tools really
> should be the best of the bunch, but they are suffering from neglect.
> Adam

My concern as a distributor is whether the bindings for Perl-Qt/Perl-KDE will 
be continued for Qt4/KDE4. PhoeNUX's distro tools rely on that binding.

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