Proposal to plan for "Milestone Releases" on the way to KDE4

Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at
Thu Jan 26 09:10:30 GMT 2006

[ Alexander Dymo ]
> This is, of course my opinion and I'd really like to hear from KDE
> developers what they think is wrong in KDevelop. 

I am thinking in files, not in projects, and project management gets in the 
way of my workflow.

I have a similar problem with Quanta: Whenever I start it, I get all kinds of 
annoying error messages about missing files that I forgot to close before I 
quit Quanta the last time. I have not yet found an option to tell Quanta not 
to re-open every file that I once opened automatically again later. And the 
strange thing is that even though Quanta remembers which files were open, it 
doesn't remember which doctype I chose for them, so I have to set it again 
every time. I told Quanta that xml syntax highlighting should be used for 
".rng" files, but that doesn't work, and there is no way to associate the 
file ending with the doctype (Relax NG).

For this reasons I use Kate more often for editing html files than Quanta.
I am missing out the nice completion features, but for a single file, it takes 
too much time to start Quanta. Before I can start editing it, I need to close 
some error messages for moved or deleted files, cancel FTP password dialogs, 
close all non-related files that are then still open, change the doctype of 
the document to make code completion work, and change the syntax highlighting 
to XML in a huge tree of submenus.


Olaf Jan Schmidt, KDE Accessibility co-maintainer, open standards 
accessibility networker, Protestant theology student and webmaster of and

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