invitation: try compiling kdelibs using cmake

Mickael Marchand marchand at
Wed Jan 25 22:49:38 GMT 2006

Hi Alex,

I just did a quick try :)

I have kde4 in /opt/kde4 and cmake compiled from cvs in there
Qt4 (debug build) is in /opt/qt4

I've created a b2 directory in my kdelibs tree (build dir), and ran
cmake ../
it did all the checks pretty fine apparently but it does not seem to
find my Qt libs ...

> CMake Error: This project requires some variables to be set,
> and cmake can not find them.
> Please set the following variables:

mikmak at alhya:~/src/kde/trunk/kdelibs/b2$ echo $QTDIR

does it require non-debug qt build maybe ?


Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> Hi,
> as many of you probably know during the last two weeks I was busy with making 
> trunk kdelibs build with cmake (
> I think now I have reached a state were I can invite interested people to try 
> compiling kdelibs with cmake.
> I compiled kdelibs successfully on Slackware 9.1 (gcc 3.2.3) and FreeBSD 5.4 
> (gcc 3.4.2) , Bill Hoffman was able to compile it on Debian (gcc 4.x).
> kxmlcore and the directories which depend on it (kjs, khtml, kate) are still 
> excluded from the build, neither gcc 3.2.3 on my slackware box nor gcc 
> *3.4.2* on the FreeBSD box were able to compile it 
> (
> Right now everything compiles and links and correct install rules are created.
> If the option "KDE4_BUILD_TESTS" is enabled, also most of the check_PROGRAMS 
> are created (not all, I didn't understand all the custom rules yet).
> cmake supports Makefiles for basically every UNIX including Mac OS X. It also 
> support Makefiles for cygwin, mingw and cl, and it support project files for 
> XCode and MSVC 6,7 and 8.
> In order to compile kdelibs using cmake, you need cmake from current cmake 
> cvs:
> $ cvs -d :pserver:anonymous at login
> (respond with password cmake) 
> Follow this command by checking out the source code:
> $ cvs -d :pserver:anonymous at co CMake
> (as usual: configure, make, make install)
> Then build cmake: ./configure; make; make install
> Then enter the kdelibs directory, and enter "cmake ."
> Then the configure checks will be executed. If something isn't found, execute 
> "ccmake ." and set the directories manually.
> If Qt 4 wasn't found, either set it manually or set the QTDIR environment 
> variable.
> You can find all configure checks in kdelibs/ConfigureChecks.cmake.
> The check_XXX() functions come from the CheckXXX.cmake files located in 
> kdelibs/cmake/modules/ and from the cmake system module directory, 
> usually /usr/local/share/CMake/Modules/. So if one of these checks go wrong, 
> look in these files to see what they are doing.
> To see what exactly went wrong, have a look at 
> kdelibs/CMakeFiles/CMakeError.log
> In ConfigureChecks.cmake there are also some checks like
> find_package(Foo REQUIRED)
> These commands look for a file named "FindFoo.cmake", located either in 
> kdelibs/cmake/modules/ or the system cmake module directory (as above).
> If something isn't found and you know it exists on your system, have a look at 
> the FindFoo.cmake file.
> To understand the commands used there, either read the cmake man page or read 
> the documentation online: (*very 
> recommded*). also the cmake Wiki: .
> Ok, assume this step succeeded, simply run make. Chances are not too bad it 
> will compile.
> If not, the reason is usually a missing include directory or a missing link 
> library.
> The build is specified in the files named CMakeLists.txt.
> Important variables are CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR, CMAKE_BINARY_DIR, 
> see .
> Include directories are added using the include_directories() command.
> Additional libraries is linked to using the target_link_libraries() command.
> If you try to build it on Mac OS X or under Windows, you will immediately get 
> an error message (see kdelibs/cmake/modules/FindKDE4.cmake . To get it 
> working, remove the MESSAGE(FATAL_ERROR ...) from this file and see how far 
> you get. Probably some of the system checks and FindFoo.cmake files have to 
> be adjusted, compiler flags etc.
> if you need to write additional FindFoo.cmake scripts, you can use the 
> kdelibs/cmake/generate_findpackage_file script, written in Ruby. It generates 
> simple generic cmake scripts which follow the cmake style.
> If you have questions, please ask on the kde-buildsystem at mailing list, 
> there are also two of the cmake developers subscribed. They want cmake to 
> become the buildsystem for KDE 4.
> Have fun
> Alex

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