Proposal to plan for "Milestone Releases" on the way to KDE4

tnagyemail-ml at tnagyemail-ml at
Wed Jan 25 10:55:24 GMT 2006

> The questions are up for all of you: 
> ------------------------------------

  * How do you plan to handle the time until KDE4 has
    a platform to base your projects on? 

Fixing bugs in my app (kdissert), designing the kde4
version of it (rewrite needed).

  * Do you intend to switch your activities to
directly contribute 
    to KDE4/kdelibs/core technologies development, and
leave your
    app resting for the time being? (Sure, this would
be *great*
    because the current group busy already in KDE4
porting feel
    they can use many more heads and brains. But I've
also heard
    some of you just do not like it, or don't feel
competent in
    that field...)

I have already switched my activities to concentrate
on the build tools.

  * Do you expect to be porting your own app to
KDE4/Qt4 already 
    within the next 4 weeks? 

QCanvas and KMDI replacements are critical for my app
so the kde4 version of my app will wait.

  * Or do you rather plan for continuing several more
    development on the KDE3 platform? If so, do you
feel you could
    benefit bing part of a joint "KDE 2006 Application
    marketing campaign?

Only bugfixes will be provided to kdissert in 3.x. The
development is stopped until {Canvas, kmdi, build
system} are ready. A new release is needed for a few
critical bugs that have been found in the current


/* Thomas Nagy */


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