which compilers do we want to support with KDE 4 ?

Andy Fawcett andy at athame.co.uk
Sun Jan 22 09:34:19 GMT 2006

On Sunday 22 January 2006 11:21, Gregory Hayes wrote:
> > Other non-Linux platforms may have different requirements. I can't
> > speak for the NetBSD/OpenBSD/DragonflyBSD/Solaris/AIX/HPUX/...
> > packagers, they will have to comment themselves.
> See the link I provided to the LSB release notes: "Most of these
> changes are to increase compatibility with the POSIX specification" I
> believe that POSIX 2003 also mandates the Itanium C++ ABI. I believe
> that other UNIX(-esqu) distributions will move in that direction as
> they come into spec. I also doubt that any serious vendor, FreeBSD or
> otherwise, is going to include < gcc 3.4 when KDE 4 is released.

The problem is not so much with the latest distributions, but with the 
older ones that are still supported by the vendors (and will be even 
after KDE4 is released). It would be good to support those older ones 
that we can, not everyone wants to update to the latest and greatest. 
Corporates, for example, may not want to change their installed systems 
just to accomodate KDE4.

> We need to draw the line somewhere, and chosing not to support a
> compiler that is "known to be broken" makes sense to me.

That's true. However, we've already seen in the past that a compiler 
version thought to be broken actually works on one platform okay, but 
not on another.

> However, there seem to be people on both sides of this argument and I
> doubt it will be solved on the mailing list.

That's true :)


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