[Digikam-devel] [PATCH] Numbered Backups

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Sat Jan 21 17:44:02 GMT 2006

Op vrijdag 20 januari 2006 00:50, schreef Gregory Hayes:
> > As far as I have understood this kind of backup strategy, the idea is to
> > have
> > a .orig file from which you can always make a diff. Of course with SVN
> > with
> > its off-line diff, it is not necessary, but with e.g. CVS or without a
> > version control it can be an interesting idea. (Probably it also helps to
> > make small patches, which can be send to the corresponding software
> > project.)
> The "mini-CVS" you mention can be done just by using RCS commands on a
> file. (info rcsintro, or man rcs) We could implement a backup which
> contains every change ever made simply by using an RCS file in addition to
> the standard ~ (last save). So at every given interval (or when the user
> hits save), the current text would "ci" and update the RCS file. This would
> be preferable to having four or five additional files as backups IMHO.
> Might also be kinda kewl to have a ui slider to roll back through all
> previous changes.
> Greg
> -

I would love to have this, although i wonder if this is maybe something which 
should run more low-level. More something for a filesystem than for KDE 

Anyhow, if someone starts to implement this idea, let me know, I am happy to 

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