which compilers do we want to support with KDE 4 ?

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Sat Jan 21 17:25:17 GMT 2006


On Saturday 21 January 2006 18:14, Kurt Pfeifle wrote:

> The very same effort that you personally want to avoid with GCC you
> are (will be) imposing on people once the new build system (whichever
> it will be) is adopted.
> Or can you explain the difference to me, from a point of view that is
> "10 miles above the details"??

The difference:
*autotools suck (in the opinion of many developers), (almost) everything else 
will (hopefully) be better
*replacing autotools doesn't require upgrading or recompiling the (more or 
less) whole distribution
*gcc 3.2 doesn't suck, it is able to compile complete kdelibs and probably all 
other modules, with the (probably) single exception of kdelibs/kxmlcore/ 
added to svn on January 10th. AFAIK this is from the merge of the Apple 
WebCore source and really uses templates exceptionally extensiv. Apple can, 
because they have only gcc >= 4.0

I still have two questions:
-is gcc 3.3 able to compile kdelibs/kxmlcore/ ?
-are gcc 3.2 and 3.3 *really* ABI compatible, from real-world experience ?
(when using releases for the same distribution) 

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