ksyntaxhighlighter (Re: KDE/kdelibs)

Laurent Montel montel at kde.org
Wed Jan 18 15:53:29 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 18 January 2006 16:24, David Faure wrote:
> > BTW, wouldn't it make sense to call it KEMailQuotingSyntaxHighlighter or
> > something like that?
> >
> > KSyntaxHighlighter is a very generic name for a class that only
> > highlights quoted emails :)
> Indeed! And why is it in kdelibs? Seems Scott moved it there to make the
> rest of kde benefit from syntax highlighting in general, but this was
> before QSyntaxHighlighter existed, right?

Qsynthaxhighlighter exists into qt3.3.x

> Shouldn't this code move (back?) 
> to kdepim now that generic syntax highlighting is available (from Qt)?

KSpellingHighlighter is necessary for kmail/knode with depth color for quoting 
+ spell checking.
=> if we move KSyntaxHighlighter::KSyntaxHighlighter into kdepim we must move 
KSpellingHighlighter::KSpellingHighlighter spell checking too, because it 
derived from KSyntaxHighlighter for depth color storing.

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