Removing kdecore/kde_file.h and replace it with qplatformdefs.h, a little bit of advice needed

Harri Porten porten at
Mon Jan 16 09:28:07 GMT 2006

On Mon, 16 Jan 2006, Nicolas Goutte wrote:

> > To be able to use qplatformdefs.h, I need to add the correct include
> > path to the makefile.  Currently, I've added this path like in the
> > patch below, using the QTDIR environment variable.
> I must tell that I do not like how this is sounding. (Sorry!)
> Is qplatformdefs.h supposed to be a public Qt file?

Don't think so. It for sure wasn't designed to bbe.

> If not, then KDE should *not* use it or we would very be sorry when source
> compatibility or binary compatibilty of that file would be broken (as
> Trolltech does not offer any guarantee on private files of Qt).

In addition, those files do all the platform-specific "evil" stuff that
nobody wanted to check into the regular sources. Completely opposite too
the KDE_* macros that help to simplify the API.


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