Removing kdecore/kde_file.h and replace it with qplatformdefs.h, a little bit of advice needed

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at
Mon Jan 16 08:52:49 GMT 2006

On Sunday 15 January 2006 17:04, Tim Beaulen wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying item 60 on the following todo list:
> Which is:
> Remove kdecore/kde_file.h
> Qt now has largefile support and defines similar macros in qplatformdefs.h
> I need some advice on a few problems I'm facing.
> 1.
> qplatfromdefs.h is different for each Qt mkspec and is defined in
> $QTDIR/mkspecs/...
> I'm assuming that $QTDIR/mkspecs/default will symlink to the correct
> mkspec.
> To be able to use qplatformdefs.h, I need to add the correct include
> path to the makefile.  Currently, I've added this path like in the
> patch below, using the QTDIR environment variable.

I must tell that I do not like how this is sounding. (Sorry!)

Is qplatformdefs.h supposed to be a public Qt file? 

If not, then KDE should *not* use it or we would very be sorry when source 
compatibility or binary compatibilty of that file would be broken (as 
Trolltech does not offer any guarantee on private files of Qt).

> Is QTDIR going to be required for KDE4 ?
> If not, is there another way to get to the Qt dir ?
> 2.
> kde_file.h defines a few macros that use file descriptors. Example:
> KDE_fdopen. qplatformdefs.h does not.

Assuming thatwe are handling with public Qt files, I would tell that the first 
step would be to replace what can easily be replaced. Then the rest can be 
checked (work-around, KDE specific include file, Qt bug or whatever...)


Have a nice day!

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