Mouse Gesture & Speech Recognition Everywhere

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Sat Jan 14 22:14:41 GMT 2006

This is also what i wanted to do :
  the possibility to configure gesture and voice trigger from the configure 
shortcut dialog.

The problem is that such trigger can't be handled directly by the application, 
but need a daemon (khotkeys).
The solution is to use DCOP^W DBUS  so each application will have a
 executeAction( string )  which execute the given action,  and also the 
configure shortcut dialog need to talk with the daemon for the configuration.

That's very realistic.

Another cool thing i wanted, is the ability to change shortcut/gesture/voice 
directly from the menu.
right click on a menu item would show a sub menu with action like : "change 
shortcut" ,  "add to toolbar" , "mark/unmark as important"
(important action are shown in bold in the menu, and are the most used action 
by the user,  this is just an idea)

About that, i noticed the existence of a KMenu::contextMenu  function, but the 
documentation is not very explicit, and i don't really know what it is.

This depends how we goes with KAction finaly.
How is the KAction port going ?

Le Samedi 14 Janvier 2006 20:39, Sébastien Laoût a écrit :
> Hello,
> KHotKeys introduced a lot of good concepts to KDE.
> Mouse Gesture is a very big present to us, users.
> How can I imagine using  computer without it, now?
> Speech Recognition is also a nice feature.
> Computers start to become more human :-)
> But... There is a "but".
> It's only available globally and not on a per-application basis.
> You should KNOW it is there to use them.
> When browsing an application, there are ways to change toolbar icons,
> keyboard shortcuts... but how can I associate a mouse gesture to an action?
> How can I associate a word to an action?
> Some people will say "Go to KHotKeys and make your gesture/speech triggers
> a keyboard shortcut only when the application window is on".
> Erf.
> Does anybody think to that work-arround at first? No. It's not really
> userfriendly.
> And what about if the action we want to trigger have no keyboard shortcut?
> We should assign one before going to KHotKeys and associate the
> gesture/speech to trigger that shortcut.
> KDE 4 will have the possibility to make our life with the computer much
> easier.
> We just have to add the properties "Mouse Gesture" and "Speech Command" to
> KAction, make a small bindings to the KHotKeys code, and add those
> properties in the "Configure Keyboard Shortcuts" dialog (and rename the
> dialog to "Configure Shortcuts").
> Every application will then be able to propose simple gesture/speech to
> users.
> Imagine:
> - People will not fail anymore to add a mouse gesture to Konqueror
>   Back/Forward commands, and they will go back from Firefox just for that;
> - Say "Play" or "Pause" and your music player executes!
>   "I, Robot"? A futurist movie? Are you laughing? :-D
> - In KMail, press the right button and move your mouse up and the composer
>   window pops up to create a new message.
> And a lot more.
> Is it on the TODO list of KAction?
> Best regards,
> Sébastien Laoût.
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