Mouse Gesture & Speech Recognition Everywhere

Sébastien Laoût slaout at
Sat Jan 14 19:39:15 GMT 2006


KHotKeys introduced a lot of good concepts to KDE.

Mouse Gesture is a very big present to us, users.
How can I imagine using  computer without it, now?

Speech Recognition is also a nice feature.
Computers start to become more human :-)

But... There is a "but".
It's only available globally and not on a per-application basis.
You should KNOW it is there to use them.
When browsing an application, there are ways to change toolbar icons, keyboard 
shortcuts... but how can I associate a mouse gesture to an action?
How can I associate a word to an action?

Some people will say "Go to KHotKeys and make your gesture/speech triggers a 
keyboard shortcut only when the application window is on".
Does anybody think to that work-arround at first? No. It's not really 
And what about if the action we want to trigger have no keyboard shortcut? We 
should assign one before going to KHotKeys and associate the gesture/speech 
to trigger that shortcut.

KDE 4 will have the possibility to make our life with the computer much 

We just have to add the properties "Mouse Gesture" and "Speech Command" to 
KAction, make a small bindings to the KHotKeys code, and add those properties 
in the "Configure Keyboard Shortcuts" dialog (and rename the dialog to 
"Configure Shortcuts").
Every application will then be able to propose simple gesture/speech to users.

- People will not fail anymore to add a mouse gesture to Konqueror
  Back/Forward commands, and they will go back from Firefox just for that;
- Say "Play" or "Pause" and your music player executes!
  "I, Robot"? A futurist movie? Are you laughing? :-D
- In KMail, press the right button and move your mouse up and the composer
  window pops up to create a new message.

And a lot more.

Is it on the TODO list of KAction?

Best regards,
Sébastien Laoût.

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