KHTML, KJS Unfrozen -- details

Richard Moore richmoore44 at
Tue Jan 10 23:54:32 GMT 2006

On 1/10/06, Joseph Wenninger <jowenn at> wrote:
> Is there a chance that KJSEmbed is going  (soon) to be moved to kdelibs,
> if
> KJS should not be used directly anymore ? Or will it still stay in
> kdebindings ?

I think that the core part of KJSEmbed (ie. the wrapper around the
interpreter) can be moved to kdelibs relatively easily. Now that we have Ian
Geiser's new design for the bindings code, this can be kept more loosely
coupled, so it would be possible to hold it in another module. That said,
the discussions in Malaga resulted in agreement that we should integrate
KJSEmbed tightly into applications (eg. as is already planned for Plasma,
see Zack's work on Dashboard compatibility as an example). Together this
implies that KJSEmbed should be in kdelibs, though possibly without full
access to all of the Qt/KDE apis.

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