KHTML, KJS Unfrozen -- details

Joseph Wenninger jowenn at
Tue Jan 10 22:26:21 GMT 2006

Hi !

Am Dienstag, 10. Januar 2006 22:47 schrieb George Staikos:
> There is an issue of binary compatibility, and discussions with the
> developers and users of KJS seem to come to a common conclusion, so far,
> that KJS will become a sort of private library, and that KJSEmbed will be
> the public interface going forward.  We want and need to be able to make
> improvements to KJS for the browser (and now, portability), and it's not
> worth limiting ourselves for the very few applications out there using KJS.
>  I know this situation well as one of my apps is one of the biggest users
> of it.

Is there a chance that KJSEmbed is going  (soon) to be moved to kdelibs, if 
KJS should not be used directly anymore ? Or will it still stay in 
kdebindings ?

Kind regards
Joseph Wenninger

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