KOffice documentation problem, important for the da, nl, pt, es, sv teams

Erik K. Pedersen erik at binghamton.edu
Thu Feb 23 11:47:29 GMT 2006

Well I believe the conclusion is that the tag can not be put on tomorrow, but 
apparently the pot-files have now been produced, and once scripty is done 
running we can solve the problem and tagging can be in a few days.

Erik (Danish team)

Torsdag den 23. februar 2006 12:42 skrev Federico Zenith:
> There have been some modifications to the KOffice documentation recently
> that have not yet made it in the POT files. There are therefore problems
> with regeneration of the documentation for Kexi, KPlato and KSpread.
> This message is important for the da, nl, pt, es, sv teams, who have a
> complete translation of the documentation.
> Since the docbooks are not in sync with the POT files, when you regenerate
> with update_xml the program po2xml will not find some messages present in
> the original docbook, and will leave the English sentence instead.
> To fix the problem, you have to regenerate the POTs yourself from the
> docbooks, merge with current POs and fix the last fuzzies.
> To do it, you can use the following script; substitute your code in the
> LANG variable, and possibly use your own account for SVN if you want. Once
> you have the new POs, you can find those that have issues in folder xx_new
> (for me it's one in Kexi, a few for KPlato and one in KSpread), finish
> them, and use them to regenerate the documentation (you'll have to move
> them to where you keep your local copy).
> -------------
> #!/bin/bash
> #Set your language code
> LANG="it"
> #Set this to svn+ssh://<username>@svn.kde.org/home/kde
> #if you have an account and want to use it
> SVN="svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde"
> DIR="KOffice_test_dir"
> #Get files from SVN
> mkdir $DIR
> cd $DIR
> svn checkout ${SVN}/trunk/koffice/doc docbooks
> svn checkout ${SVN}/trunk/l10n/${LANG}/docmessages/koffice ${LANG}_svn
> #Generate POTs
> FILES=$(find docbooks -name *.docbook)
> mkdir pot_folder
> for FILE in $FILES
> do
> 	POTNAME=$(echo $FILE | sed -e "s#^docbooks/##g" -e "s#/#_#g" -e
> "s#\.docbook##g" -e "s#_index\$##g" )
> 	xml2pot $FILE > pot_folder/$POTNAME.pot
> done
> #Merge translations
> mkdir ${LANG}_new
> POFILES=$(find ${LANG}_svn/ -name *.po | sed -e "s#^${LANG}_svn/##g" )
> do
> 	msgmerge ${LANG}_svn/$POFILE pot_folder/${POFILE}t > ${LANG}_new/${POFILE}
> done
> -----------
> Hope this helps. KOffice tag is tomorrow, so you have to hurry!
> Cheers,
> -Federico

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