A look at GNOME 2.14, comparison to KDE

Richard Dale Richard_Dale at tipitina.demon.co.uk
Thu Feb 23 09:43:54 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 22 February 2006 21:08, Leo Savernik wrote:
> Then please go ahead and commit it. This will finally make Konq's
> fullscreen mode adhere to fitt's law. (Wait, no it doesn't because the
> fscking tabwidget does have a border, too. But we're on the right track :-)
> )
Fitt's 'law' in one of the dumbest UI ideas out there now we all have large 
screens - it just isn't the easiest way to find anything by putting it right 
at the top left of the screen. And the arrogant way he called it a 'law' 
makes it even more annoying.

-- Richard

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