Error in Kexi docbook creation

Erik K. Pedersen erik at
Wed Feb 22 22:01:55 GMT 2006

Onsdag den 22. februar 2006 21:46 skrev Boudewijn Rempt:
> I see your point. In fact, I got attended to a type, fixed it, and then
> backtracked when it was pointed out that fixing typoes is not done at this
> stage, so I'm guilty as well (or, as hell). Anyway, if the
> documentation/translation people want an extension, I'd be happy, as
> release dude, to acquiesce. I highly appreciate and admire their efforts,
> and I'd like to make the translators' and documentators' life as easy as
> possible.

Well we need at least to have the pot-files generated from the docbooks, and 
scripty run and a few days more, if we are to have decent translated 
documentation. I do not know whether this has all been done


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