A look at GNOME 2.14, comparison to KDE

Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Wed Feb 22 07:58:06 GMT 2006

In fact Aarons screenshots shows that konqueror suffers from the outset frame 
of the tab widget too, it's only the frame of the embedded part that has been 

The problem with the outset frame originates from QTabWidget rather than 
KTabWidget, there is even a comment in the code questioning it:

        // ### why overwrite the frame style?
        if ( d->stack->frameStyle() != ( QFrame::TabWidgetPanel |
QFrame::Raised ) )
            d->stack->setFrameStyle( QFrame::TabWidgetPanel | 
QFrame::Raised );

(qt-copy-3/src/widgets/qtabwidget.cpp:498 in QTabWidget::showPage() -- a 
similar call is in about any method of the class dealing with pages)

The problem with removing that frame *as well* as the frame of a part in the 
tab page is that we rely on those frames for the look of our windows. For 
example splitters often look bad when there is no frame with the most popular 
widget styles, because those removed the splitter borders -- to avoid the 
double border I believe. 

The attached screenshot of my patched kate shows the problem (the right side 
of the sidebar splitter)

Frames was added to KMail windows at some point, probably to address the 
problem with the look/feel of splitters, but that also means that KMail, like 
many other KDE apps including Kate and Konqueror, does not position a 
scrollbar at the edge of the window: you can't throw the mouse at the edge of 
the screen with a maximized window and drag to scroll.

I don't know how it would be best to address that problem -- maybe by allowing 
to specify if a splitter should have a border on either side?

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