A look at GNOME 2.14, comparison to KDE

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Tue Feb 21 17:23:57 GMT 2006

On Monday 20 February 2006 15:29, Christian Loose wrote:
> Aaron J. Seigo schrieb:
> > this is a reason, not an excuse. the design should not drive the
> > interface to look bad, and it does not need to. but it is fair and
> > rational to understand that it's not a matter of doing
> > setFrameStyle(QFrame::None); in a few place and boingo! things are
> > better.
> Not? :)
> The attached patch removes the inner frame from the built-in listviews.
> IMHO with at least the Plastik style the separation
> between view and statusbar is good enough without the frame.

close, but this is not a good solution IMHO. why? because other parts add a 
frame in there still and is still ends up looking like crap.

the obvious answer is, "change this in all the parts!"

but this doesn't work very well because parts, being plugins, are scattered 
hither and yon. good luck finding them all, and enjoy the time spent doing 
all that work. moreover, loaded in other contexts (e.g. not in konqueror's 
main window) some of those parts may look better with a frame and application 
developers have probably come to rely on that frame being there.

the "proper" fix (for KDE3) is probably to fix this within konqueror's main 
window... which leads us down a very windy little path in konq's codebase to 
KonqViewFactory in kdebase/konqueror/konq_factory.cpp

patch is attached. i'd like to commit this to both the 3.5 and kde4 branches 
(ergo the CC to kde-core-devel for comment)

so as i originally noted, it is certainly possible to do but it takes a good 
amount of time. i've spent a bit over an hour working on this to arrive at 
this stupid little patch, and that's just one bevel in one (admittedly very 
important) application.

and still it's a hack! it would be really nice to allow one to define how the 
widget provided by a KPart should frame and otherwise present itself. 
something for KDE4, perhaps?

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