Elektra backend for KDE

Thomas Braxton brax108 at cox.net
Mon Feb 20 15:29:46 GMT 2006

On Monday 20 February 2006 05:32, Adriaan de Groot wrote:
> On Mon, 20 Feb 2006, Avi Alkalay wrote:
> > It is time to write an alternative Elektra (http://libelektra.org)
> > backend to KDE, in place of the INI files, and I decided to start this
> > work.
> Aaron Seigo recently did some work on LDAP backends (or was it Samba
> backends? - Something different anyway), check his blog
> (aseigo.blogspot.com) for some musings about that.
> > - Is KConfig 100% backend-independent ?
> Less than one might hope, was what he found.
> [ade]

You can find it at branches/work/kde4/playground/libs/kconfig/
It doesn't work yet, but I'm planning on committing today the last bits that 
should make it mostly compatible with current KConfig.
With the new api there are only 2 functions that need to be implemented in the 
virtual bool parseConfigFile(const QString& filename,
                                            KEntryMap& pWriteBackMap,
                                            bool bGlobal, bool bDefault) = 0;
virtual bool writeConfigFile(const QString& filename, KEntryMap& entryMap,
                                          bool bGlobal, bool bMerge) = 0;


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