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Fri Feb 17 18:49:00 GMT 2006

On Friday 17 February 2006 13:52, Guillaume Laurent wrote:
> I realize that it's probably too late to discuss this, 

no, not too late

> but IMHO audio 
> and video processing are less important than DVD/TV. I've yet to
> encounter a practical case where audio effects are of any use, beyond
> showing off during a demo ("look, real-time chorus on mp3 playing!").

For the average user you might be right, "normal people" don't know what to do 
with effects anyway. The reasoning for the higher priority is, that if at 
some point in the development Phonon has to keep compatibility (meaning KDE4 
is released - or a less strict variation: the tech preview is out), then it's 
easier to add MediaProducer's (as the class is called in Phonon); but with 
processing I'm not 100% sure yet that it will work the way I "designed" it. 
So I want to see that working before setting the API in stone.

> Also, please do consider the needs of "serious" music apps. Not that you
> should provide a suitable backend for those, but at least that you won't
> get in the way of accessing the audio devices directly. Near the top of
> our trouble-shooting list with Rosegarden is aRts and how to disable it.

Yes, that's actually one of my primary concerns. Not that I have great ideas 
of code that would fix it, but I'm very well aware of the problems and would 
like a painless way to let KDE and pro-audio apps live side by side.

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