Removing aRts

Guillaume Laurent glaurent at
Fri Feb 17 12:52:28 GMT 2006

Matthias Kretz wrote:
> Depends on how far I get:
> - audio and video are a must have
> - audio and video processing (effects) are a must have
> - DVD, TV, Webcam capture, and so forth, would be nice to have, and I will 
> work more on that as soon as I have the above covered.
I realize that it's probably too late to discuss this, but IMHO audio 
and video processing are less important than DVD/TV. I've yet to 
encounter a practical case where audio effects are of any use, beyond 
showing off during a demo ("look, real-time chorus on mp3 playing!").

Also, please do consider the needs of "serious" music apps. Not that you 
should provide a suitable backend for those, but at least that you won't 
get in the way of accessing the audio devices directly. Near the top of 
our trouble-shooting list with Rosegarden is aRts and how to disable it.

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