Removing aRts

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Fri Feb 17 12:26:31 GMT 2006

Sorry for cross-posting again.

Matthias Kretz wrote:
>On Thursday 16 February 2006 18:48, Thiago Macieira wrote:
>> So, can we remove aRts from trunk/KDE ? I think --without-arts is
>> already the default anyways.
>I see no reason for keeping arts in trunk/KDE, it might be usefull to
> move it to trunk/ instead, but since it's probably only going to bitrot
> there we can remove it now.

Ok, so let's do it like this:

1) arts gets moved from trunk/KDE to trunk/kdesupport
2) someone steps up as a maintainer, assigns the Bugzilla entries to 
himself and starts closing the bugs there (note I didn't say "fix" 
because I know most of them are duplicates and there are wishlists too)

If #2 doesn't happen in a certain timeframe, we'll remove it from 
trunk/kdesupport. If someone wants to resurrect it, all they'd need to do 
is #2.

This is not talking about trunk/KDE/kdelibs/arts or any kind of aRts 
backend for Phonon. The way I see it, aRts 1.5 is good enough for most 
people and Phonon might be able to support that version (it needs a new 
libqtmcop, right?)

This is also not talking about branches/arts/1.5. That still needs to be 
supported, somehow.

>kdelibs has a subdir called arts, in there is artsmessage, the tool aRts
> uses to notify the user graphically, and some KDE APIs for simplifying
> aRts usage. That can also be removed from kdelibs, IMHO.

I hadn't thought of kdelibs/arts yet, but if this is kde-multimedia's 
position, we can do it too.

Before anyone complains about losing the code, please remember that 
restoring deleted files in Subversion is easy.

>As I'd like to create an aRts backend for Phonon I will probably
> reactivate some of that code - but in a different module. This, btw, is
> another question I have: where should Phonon backends go?
> trunk/KDE/kdemultimedia/? And when the decision for a default backend
> is made, that one backend is moved to kdelibs, or kdebase?

Well, the way I understand it, sound support is a key feature that needs 
to be in the KDE core libraries. The level of support and whether it will 
also include other media, you MM guys are in a much better position to 
answer. This means that someone building kdelibs but not kdemultimedia 
needs to have at least one backend.

Obviously the more advanced MM stuff should be in a separate library or in 
application code.

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