Build broken by recent svn checkin

David Faure faure at
Tue Feb 14 12:03:28 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 14 February 2006 12:02, Adriaan de Groot wrote:
> The instructions Alex posted were CMake-specific; does this mean that 
> unsermake-based builds support this as well? I'm just not *sure*, and 
> dicking with build systems three times a day is not my idea of a good 
> time.

I don't think unsermake-based builds are going to stay around for much longer,
starting with kdelibs... We don't want to maintain N build systems, it was 
just a temporary phase to find out what works for us; and unsermake is the
non portable solution (due to autoconf), so it won't stay.

> ... buildbotting from the EBN with Dartboard
Sounds good.

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