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Dave Rowe dave at
Tue Feb 7 16:56:49 GMT 2006

On Mon, February 6, 2006 7:56 pm, Henry Miller wrote:
> Above that, I am running nat (ip masquerading), and an open access point.
> You can track things down, but you cannot pin anything on me, as it could
> be
> my brother or a neighbor, or someone driving by.   (The last is why my
> access
> point is open)

Be aware that in some cases, as you are the owner of the access point,
that you can be charged with negligence and/or aiding and abetting in some
states, simply because you left it open, with the ability to lock it down.
 If traffic of a questionable nature can be tracked to an IP that you are
currently leasing from an ISP, you can be guilty by association...


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