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Henry Miller hank at
Tue Feb 7 01:56:25 GMT 2006

On Monday 06 February 2006 11:18, Dirk Mueller wrote:

>         Yes. Google says in its FAQ that it records Internet address, date,
>         time, browser type, operating system and a cookie ID.  Author and
>         entrepreneur John Battelle received word from Google this week
> thatthe company can perform two important types of matches. (We confirmed
> this with Google and followed up with additional questions.) First, given a
> number of search terms, Google can produce a list of people(identified by
> Internet address or cookie) who searched for a given term. Second, given a
> collection of Internet addresses, Google can produce a list of the terms
> searched by the user of a given address.  That effectively creates an
> electronic dossier of an individual.

Konqueror is easy to setup to not allow cookies.   Anyone who is concerned 
about this will not have allowed the cookie in the first place (or failing 
that will now delete the cookie) - it goes without saying that anyone 
concerned about this will be using a browser like Konqueror or Firefox, not 
Internet Explorer which has many more serious issues than those related to 

Above that, I am running nat (ip masquerading), and an open access point.   
You can track things down, but you cannot pin anything on me, as it could be 
my brother or a neighbor, or someone driving by.   (The last is why my access 
point is open)   

In short, this is someone to be aware of, but it doesn't take much to foil it.

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