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Mon Feb 6 22:54:04 GMT 2006

On Monday 06 February 2006 10:57, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Tim Beaulen wrote:
> >kio/kssl/ksslkeygen.h|cc depends on kwizard which is now renamed and
> > moved to kde3support where it really belongs. It's just a wrapper
> > around Q3Wizard with support for localisation.
> Then ksslkeygen.h has to be moved to another library or made not depend on 
> Q3Wizard. It cannot stay in libkio (libkio should not depend on 
> qt3support nor kde3support).

KSSLKeyGen *should* stay in libkio, but it should implement its own wizard.
Or better, jstaniek should implement his kdelibs/TODO idea for a nice KWizard
and then ksslkeygen can use that ;)

> >kde3support should be able to be built as early as possible without
> >depending on a lot of the core libs.
> Right. 

You mean "wrong", but I agree with you (Thiago) : kde3support -does- depend on
the rest of the core libs, just like qt3support depends on the rest of Qt.

> kde3support should probably depend on libkio. Which means libkio  
> cannot depend on kde3support.

Yep. In the end we want to provide clean libs, not libs that require qt3support+kde3support.

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