google search bar

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Mon Feb 6 17:18:06 GMT 2006


is an interesting read, given that we default to Google searches. I suggest we 
rethink this. 


        Q: Does that mean Google has the technical ability to link a person's
        searches together and divulge them when legally required?

        Yes. Google says in its FAQ that it records Internet address, date,
        time, browser type, operating system and a cookie ID.  Author and
        entrepreneur John Battelle received word from Google this week thatthe
        company can perform two important types of matches. (We confirmed this
        with Google and followed up with additional questions.) First, given a
        number of search terms, Google can produce a list of people(identified
        by Internet address or cookie) who searched for a given term. Second,
        given a collection of Internet addresses, Google can produce a list of
        the terms searched by the user of a given address.  That effectively
        creates an electronic dossier of an individual. 


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