Call for kdelibs development

Sam Abed earlgreykde at
Sat Feb 4 08:41:00 GMT 2006

Thiago Macieira wrote:


>This is a general call:
>	Application Developers, please work on kdelibs!
>It doesn't matter if you've never touched it before, or if you consider 
>that you aren't competent enough (for sure you are).
>The most pressing needs at the moment are:
>1) finishing the buildsystem
>2) finish porting from Qt3Support into pure Qt4
>3) make sure it compiles
>As soon as I get the DBus bindings in a reasonable shape, we'll also have:
>4) port from DCOP to DBus
>Then we can step into refactoring and adding new features.
Are there easier and specific items than the ones in kdelibs TODO, those 
items are not trivial to start with.

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