Call for kdelibs development (was: SVN succesful-compilation tag)

Gregory Hayes syncomm at
Fri Feb 3 12:44:49 GMT 2006

> The most pressing needs at the moment are:
> 1) finishing the buildsystem
> 2) finish porting from Qt3Support into pure Qt4
> 3) make sure it compiles
> As soon as I get the DBus bindings in a reasonable shape, we'll also have:
> 4) port from DCOP to DBus

I just wanted to comment that that is an excellent and concise summary of
what needs to be done "right now". Almost any other work that may sound kewl
(or reported/hyped in the media/blogosphere), certainly has a dependency on
these tasks. So if you are waiting on the sidelines for "Project X" to get
underway before helping out with KDE4, then you should really consider
working on one of the above. Once they are wrapped up, then we can get down
to business.

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