cmake hype?

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at
Fri Feb 3 11:54:59 GMT 2006

> Von: Laurent Montel <montel at>
> On Friday 03 February 2006 09:14, Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I currently don't understand the hype about cmake. What's the real
> > adavantage over scons. It can't be the config files - I can't see a real
> > difference between CMakeLists.txt and SConscript (the Sconscript files
> need
> > some cleanup). I can compile kdelibs with SCons on windows - cmake
> doesn't
> > run (yet). The configuration process with cmake is as slow as with
> SCons. I
> > can't run cmake.exe from command line
> > (
> >
> > For me it seems to be the only reason why to use cmake is because it's a
> > new playground but not because it's better than SCons.
> >
> > I won't blame the cmake team -  I just wonder why we implement all
> things
> > with three different build systems...
> >
> > Christian
> Hi,
> I worked on Scons build system and Cmake build system.
> For me it's right it's not good to have 3 build system. It duplicated work
> when we move or add/remove files.
> For me it's right we must decide what build system used.
> For the moment what I can say it's kdelibs compile with cmake (without
> kabc/), 
> and kdelibs can be install on linux system (we must fix again some missing
> install files it's right), some guy works on windows with cmake.
> For Scons there is some technical problem which block complet compile, but
> it's right it used python language for script, cmake use specific cmake 
> language => necessary to learn it. (more guy knows python language that
> cmake 
> language)
> For cmake we have cmake developpers who are on Mailing list and respond to
> email quickly, so for me it's a big avantage.
> But it's right for me it's not a problem to use cmake or scons, but it's 
> necessary to have an official anwser and stop to use 3 build systems.
> For me it's necessary to have quickly this answer because we can't start
> to 
> reorganize kdelibs (change into 3 build system is not good :( ), and we
> lose 
> time to fix this 3 build system.
> I think that it's time to take a decision about it. 
> (we start kde4 in july 2005 and for the moment there is not a decision
> about 
> it so it's not good)
Yes, that's the point - I've enough work making kdelibs compile on windows
and don't have time to look after two build systems. Currently cmake/win has
the same problems we had (and mostly fixed) with scons two months ago...
it's no problem to fix them but it keeps me from fixing compile.
> Regards
> PS: sorry for my english
Hehe - what should I say - it's much more complicated to understand mine
than yours :)


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