cmake hype?

Laurent Montel montel at
Fri Feb 3 11:35:56 GMT 2006

On Friday 03 February 2006 09:14, Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
> Hi,
> I currently don't understand the hype about cmake. What's the real
> adavantage over scons. It can't be the config files - I can't see a real
> difference between CMakeLists.txt and SConscript (the Sconscript files need
> some cleanup). I can compile kdelibs with SCons on windows - cmake doesn't
> run (yet). The configuration process with cmake is as slow as with SCons. I
> can't run cmake.exe from command line
> (
> For me it seems to be the only reason why to use cmake is because it's a
> new playground but not because it's better than SCons.
> I won't blame the cmake team -  I just wonder why we implement all things
> with three different build systems...
> Christian
I worked on Scons build system and Cmake build system.
For me it's right it's not good to have 3 build system. It duplicated work 
when we move or add/remove files.
For me it's right we must decide what build system used.

For the moment what I can say it's kdelibs compile with cmake (without kabc/), 
and kdelibs can be install on linux system (we must fix again some missing 
install files it's right), some guy works on windows with cmake.

For Scons there is some technical problem which block complet compile, but 
it's right it used python language for script, cmake use specific cmake 
language => necessary to learn it. (more guy knows python language that cmake 

For cmake we have cmake developpers who are on Mailing list and respond to 
email quickly, so for me it's a big avantage.

But it's right for me it's not a problem to use cmake or scons, but it's 
necessary to have an official anwser and stop to use 3 build systems.
For me it's necessary to have quickly this answer because we can't start to 
reorganize kdelibs (change into 3 build system is not good :( ), and we lose 
time to fix this 3 build system.

I think that it's time to take a decision about it. 
(we start kde4 in july 2005 and for the moment there is not a decision about 
it so it's not good)

PS: sorry for my english

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