OSDL desktop architects meeting: cross desktop outcome

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Fri Feb 3 00:40:03 GMT 2006

hi all...

i had forwarded drafts of these documents on to various people, including the 
ev membership, as they were being drafted on the OSDL desktop-architects 

i've attached them so you can peruse them and ask questions or add comments. 
the goal is to post the community message somewhere on www.kde.org and then 
join the signatory list which will be maintained on the OSDL website. other 
projects who are also on the road to being signatories include the FSG 
accessibility group, the GNOME accessibility group, Mozilla Foundation, 
Inkscape, OSDL and us. we're working with other GNOME sub-projects to get 
them onboard, but they are a bit more decentralized than us and so it makes 
it a bit challenging. others, such as OpenOffice and various ISVs, will 
likely join in what follows.

from here, the people involved with FreeDesktop.org will start the process of 
getting the proposal in the FD.o document put into action.

as to the origin of these documents: they came out of meetings held at OSDL 
headquarters in december. there were a number of people who are associated 
with KDE there including george staikos, cornelius schumacher, waldo bastian, 
martin konold, celeste paul and myself. there were in total around 70 people 
from around the community. one of the sub-meetings was about inter-project 
coordination and cooperation. among other things (such as how not to market 
at each other's expense) the inspiration for these drafts came out of that. 
the authoring went through a 4-6 week period of collaborative 
authorship/editting and this is the result. huzzah.

if anyone has a problem with us (the KDE project) adding our weight to this 
concept, please speak up. 


Aaron J. Seigo
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