is new lib dependency possible for 3.5.2?

Andriy Rysin arysin at
Wed Feb 1 00:59:31 GMT 2006

Lubos Lunak wrote:
>  There's one more thing I'd like to ask. While libxklavier seems to be rather 
> small, it depends on libxml2. If I'm getting kxkb right, there are basically 
> two parts there, one that handles all the configuration and prepares the 
> keymaps in the form of the xkm file and second one that just displays the 
> icon and switches the keymap (and that used to just call setxkbmap in the old 
> days). Would it be possible/difficult to separate these parts completely for 
> KDE4?
>  So that the configuration part would be just used when the user wants to 
> change something or when the system changes and would prepare and cache the 
> keymaps somewhere and only the second part would be normally needed (which 
> could then additionally be changed to kicker applet or kded module or 
> whatever)? Needing 2M of memory wouldn't make kxkb exactly the most 
> lightweight keyboard switcher.
I think that's very reasonable request, I'll try to make it as modular 
as possible. The only questions is if we want to split * into two 
libraries for that, which may take more memory and CPU instead?


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