KDE_EXPORT question

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Sat Apr 29 13:38:47 BST 2006

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> Andras Mantia wrote:
>> I have a question regarding the above define. Why should every library
>>define its own *_EXPORT and not use KDE_EXPORT directly? Is this mandatory?
> Because of Windows. On Windows, the LIBRARY_EXPORT macro is defined
either to KDE_EXPORT or to KDE_IMPORT, depending on whether you're
building that library or just using it.
> And since you can only build one library at a time, there's at most one
_EXPORT that is defined as KDE_EXPORT. All the rest must be KDE_IMPORT.

I'm not sure I completely understood, so, the concrete question: what
exactly is needed to export symbols from a KDevelop library? Do I need
there something like

#include <config.h>

#define LIBKDEVELOP_NO_EXPORT __attribute__ ((visibility("hidden")))
#define LIBKDEVELOP_EXPORT __attribute__ ((visibility("default"))) #else


and use LIBKDEVELOP_EXPORT in this case or I can safely use KDE_EXPORT?


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