Please test: changes in how Qt4 is found

William A. Hoffman billlist at
Fri Apr 28 20:26:50 BST 2006

At 02:26 PM 4/28/2006, Thiago Macieira wrote:
>Kuba Ober wrote:
>>Couldn't agree more, especially that I'm migrating some more build stuff
>> at work to cmake. Cmake and Qt are the only dependencies for the
>> product in question, I'd consider it weird at least to add pkg-config
>> to the mix if a solution already exists and works.
>The weird thing is... every time this subject turns up (and it has, again 
>and again), you get the Trolls saying: use pkg-config. That's the 
>Trolltech-recommended way of finding Qt 4.

Is that the Trolltech recommended way for windows and the Mac?
If Trolltech required that pkg-config be installed before QT could
be used on any platform, I would have no problem using it.  
But, that does not seem to be the case, unless I am missing
something?   So, what do the Trolls say should be done if
pkg-config is not found?  I am sure many Trolltech customers
on windows do not have pkg-config and are happily using Qt,
I am assuming the answer is use qmake, which is what we are doing.

I suppose we could do some sort of hybrid approach.  
Something like this:

1. find qmake in the PATH
2. use pkg-config to find qmake
3. if 1 and 2 are the same qmake, then use the info from pkg-config
4. if pkg-config was not found, or it points to a different qmake than
the one in the users PATH, then use qmake to setup the paths for the build.


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