Please test: changes in how Qt4 is found

Benjamin Reed rangerrick at
Thu Apr 27 21:37:27 BST 2006

On 4/27/06, Alexander Neundorf <neundorf at> wrote:

> Right now FindQt4.cmake in KDE svn is in sync with the one in cmake cvs. I
> don't want to fork it.
> So, cmake needs a FindQt4.cmake which just works on all supported systems
> without any additional unneccessary requirements. So relying only on
> pkg-config is no option.
> And I'm sure if I would change this today, by tomorrow my inbox would be
> flooded with emails "cmake doesn't find Qt4".

Then how about try pkg-config, and fall back if it's not found?  That
will satisfy the people who rename things, and will still degrade
gracefully for pure-qt uses.

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