FEATURE: Startup sequence reorder

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sun Apr 23 21:38:42 BST 2006

> > - last and the most important: It must be posted to the mailing list for the 
> > SVN module (kde-core-devel for those without) and must be approved by the
> > module's maintainer (TWG for those without) 

I tested those patches now.

>  To sum it up:
>  Cons: Faster startup, both real and especially perceived.

Yep, it feels like KDE is starting -really- fast. Amazingly fast.
Mind-blowingly fast. Good job :)

>  Pros: Startup may be really borken if people try without matching kdelibs and 
> kdebase (hello Debian), something may potentially start a bit too late.

Yep. Startup was completely broken when I installed kdelibs and didn't install
kdebase yet. You had warned about that, but my machine locked up while compiling kdebase
and after a reboot I couldn't start kde anymore so I had to finish compiling kdebase
in the text tty before being able to start kde again.... I guess there's no chance to
make this more robust, i.e. to make kde still start, although still slowly, in case
only kdelibs is updated?
But even if it's not possible, I'm not objecting to this being committed.
Just warn the packagers that they should make kdebase-3.5.3 depend on kdelibs-3.5.3
and vice-versa [if kdebase is installed].

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