A little review of kdecore & kdeui

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Tue Apr 11 19:47:59 BST 2006

Dne neděle 09 duben 2006 17:09 Thiago Macieira napsal(a):
> Lubos Lunak wrote:
> >Dne čtvrtek 06 duben 2006 01:21 Thiago Macieira napsal(a):
> >Also, from your list:
> >> KXErrorHandler -> private class!
> >
> > It's again a normal X11 utility class, why private?
> Because it's X11-specific. We shouldn't encourage people to write
> X11-specific code anymore.

 So we should instead encourage copy&pasting code all around? This class is 
useful for X11-specific code and we still need X11-specific code, whether you 
like it or not. Even in applications.

> >> KStartupInfo -> private class!
> >
> > This is needed even by apps, in rare cases.
> From what I read, we can do that with D-Bus signals.

 No, we can't. There's a spec for this, and it's used by KDE3 and GNOME apps 
at least. You could try to change the transport mechanism to DBUS for new 
apps, but old ones should still be supported for some time, and given that it 
works and that it is X11-specific, what would be the point?

> And it's very 
> X11-specific (WId, depends on the WM, etc.) If we can get rid of this, it
> would in turn mean:
> >> KXMessages -> D-Bus
> >
> > No, it's internal to KStartupInfo.
> wouldn't be necessary.
> As far as I can see, all three classes depend heavily on X11. My feeling
> is it would be better to change this into a window-system-neutral
> solution, if possible.

 So, what exactly are  your plans on implementing this in the MS Windows and 
MacOS X window managers? These classes are useless if there are no desktop 
components using the information from them.

> In any event, KXMessages is an IPC mechanism using X11. Why do we need
> more than one IPC mechanism?

 Because people in the world speak more than just one language? I wrote the 
IPC for KDE2.2 IIRC, when it was about the only IPC that had any chance of 
being used by something else than KDE, and GNOME started using it around 2002 
I think, when it was probably still the best IPC for the job (at least I 
don't remember Havoc being much against it when we wrote the spec).

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