A little review of kdecore & kdeui

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Sun Apr 9 15:27:23 BST 2006

Dne čtvrtek 06 duben 2006 01:21 Thiago Macieira napsal(a):
> David Faure wrote:
> >> KClipboardSync -> probably used by klipper only
> >
> >./kapplication.cpp:556:  (void) KClipboardSynchronizer::self();
> What does that do? Why do we need a clipboard synchroniser? What's missing
> from QClipboard?

 You mean besides the willingness to do any change to QClipboard?

> >> die
> >> ===
> >> KSelectionOwner, Watcher (move to klipper?)
> >
> >Doubt it. Ask Seli, but I see:
> >kmenubar.cpp:      d->selection = new KSelectionWatcher(
> > KMenuBarPrivate::makeSelectionAtom(),
> Is that for the Paste button? I.e., enable the button only if there is
> something in the clipboard? If so, this is a private class.

 No, see Fredrik's explanation. Selections are X11 mechanism for ownership of 
a shared resource, clipboard is just one use of it. It's also used also at 
least in KWin, XDG systray needs it too (although it has some homebrewn code 
instead of using these classes). Although normal apps shouldn't need it, 
these are normal utility classes.

Also, from your list:

> KXErrorHandler -> private class!

 It's again a normal X11 utility class, why private?

> KStartupInfo -> private class!

 This is needed even by apps, in rare cases.

> KXMessages -> D-Bus

 No, it's internal to KStartupInfo.

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