before snapping the next snapshot

Matt Rogers mattr at
Sun Apr 9 14:38:00 BST 2006

On Sunday 09 April 2006 08:31, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> Hi,
> am I right that this monday the next kdelibs snapshot will be made ?
> Before, doing this, I'd like to discuss one change in kdelibs trunk.
> Since Qt4 qmake by default prefixes headers generated by uic with "ui_",
> this has now also been done in kdelibs and works in kdelibs.
> But this means, that all other modules have to be fixed accordingly, i.e.
> in the include statements everywhere the "ui_" has to be added.
> Do we want this or should I revert the change in kdelibs ?
> Example, now we have:
> mydialog.ui -> ui_mydialog.h,
> before it was
> mydialog.ui -> mydialog.h
> I'd like to sort this out before the snapshot, otherwise we might have to
> change it now in all modules and if we decide later change it back in all
> of them .
> So, what do you think ?
> Bye
> Alex

change all the includes to ui_mydialog.h since that's the whole purpose of the 
snapshot, is to handle big changes like this.

Also make sure that there is a comment or two about this change in 

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