before snapping the next snapshot

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Sun Apr 9 14:31:22 BST 2006


am I right that this monday the next kdelibs snapshot will be made ?

Before, doing this, I'd like to discuss one change in kdelibs trunk.

Since Qt4 qmake by default prefixes headers generated by uic with "ui_", this 
has now also been done in kdelibs and works in kdelibs.

But this means, that all other modules have to be fixed accordingly, i.e. in 
the include statements everywhere the "ui_" has to be added.

Do we want this or should I revert the change in kdelibs ?

Example, now we have:

mydialog.ui -> ui_mydialog.h, 

before it was

mydialog.ui -> mydialog.h

I'd like to sort this out before the snapshot, otherwise we might have to 
change it now in all modules and if we decide later change it back in all of 
them .

So, what do you think ?

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