Header files (Re: A little review of kdecore & kdeui)

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Sat Apr 8 08:26:44 BST 2006

On Saturday 08 April 2006 05:05, Zack Rusin wrote:
> On Saturday 08 April 2006 01:12, R.F. Pels wrote:
> > Sorry. That's what I think of it. I think it almost guarantees
> > problems in future when people want to port Qt-based software from
> > Windows to Linux because they get the casing accidentily wrong.
> Your worry has been dully noted...
> > Let's not do this. Let's just stick to all lowercase for the reason
> > that it is impossible to 'do it the right way'. I think the current
> > practice is known and accepted by almost all programmers that use C
> > and C++, so let's stick with that.
> You know what's great about KDE? Is that stupid and unsubstantiated
> worries like this have never been declared as a standard either way.

From my own real-world experience: every piece of software I ported from 
Windows to Linux did have incorrect includes, the developers just don't care 
about the case. Having one *simple* rule helps in this regard.

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