Header files (Re: A little review of kdecore & kdeui)

Zack Rusin zack at kde.org
Sat Apr 8 04:05:40 BST 2006

On Saturday 08 April 2006 01:12, R.F. Pels wrote:
> > And don't forget that KDE developers are Qt developers, so why
> > should KDE go against (and here I do mean "go against") established
> > Qt practices, where developers can use #include <QLineEdit>? How
> > many times do you think we'll see the request "why can't I #include
> > <KLineEdit>" on kde-devel at kde.org once people start developing with
> > Qt4/KDE4, if we don't provide such includes? I'm 100% sure of it:
> > we'll see that request over and over - and over and over - again.
> > So let's do it, and let's do it right.
> Yes, well, needless to say I think that was a very stupid move.
> Sorry. That's what I think of it. I think it almost guarantees
> problems in future when people want to port Qt-based software from
> Windows to Linux because they get the casing accidentily wrong.

Your worry has been dully noted...

> Let's not do this. Let's just stick to all lowercase for the reason
> that it is impossible to 'do it the right way'. I think the current
> practice is known and accepted by almost all programmers that use C
> and C++, so let's stick with that.

You know what's great about KDE? Is that stupid and unsubstantiated 
worries like this have never been declared as a standard either way. 
Just like we're free to use indention styles we like, we're free to to 
use include styles we like. _I_ like including files named as classes 
that are used in the current file, it makes natural and obvious sense 
to _me_. You can be sure I'll  be using it. You'll use all lowercase 
convention in your code and everyone will be happy.


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