RPATH handling changed once again

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Sat Apr 8 00:34:04 BST 2006


since there were some complaints with the previous RPATH handling I reworked 
it again in kdelibs trunk.
RPATH_STYLE is gone.
The only way left to affect RPATH handling is CMAKE_SKIP_RPATH.
If disabled (default), all apps will be built with RPATH pointing to the 
install dir.
Apps generated with the RUN_UNINSTALLED keyword:
kde4_add_executable(kconfig_compiler RUN_UNINSTALLED ${kcfgSources} )
will be built with RPATH pointing to the source dir, and they will be relinked 
during install so that RPATH will point to the install dir.
This has to be used for all applications which have to run from the builddir, 
i.e. unit tests and tools used during the build itself, so usually code 
In order to be able to run all apps from the builddir, for every app "kfoo" a 
script "kfoo.sh" is created in ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/bin, which sets 
(DY)LD_LIBRARY_PATH and starts the executable.

So, I hope it works for all of you, will test more tomorrow.

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